The AGI Society has two types of membership:

  • Regular Member
  • Senior Member

Regular membership is open to any individual with an interest in Artificial General Intelligence.

Senior membership is restricted and comes with additional privileges, including

  • voting for members of the AGI Society Board, as described in the AGI Society Constitution
  • membership in the AGI Network for private research discussions

Senior membership can be obtained in multiple ways, including:

  • Authoring or co-authoring a paper presented at an AGI conference, or published in the AGI journal; or serving on the Program Committee for an AGI conference.   Authors and PC members from 2012 onward will be explicitly offered Senior Membership at the time of conference registration or paper acceptance.  Authors and PC members from 2011 and earlier will be automatically given Senior Membership upon request.
  • Being invited by the Membership Committee of the Society.
  • Applying to the Membership Committee of the Society and obtaining approval

The approval emails are sending out periodically.

If you really need a confirmation soon or run into a problem when filling the form, contact Patrick Hammer.